Skin Cancer Reconstruction: Before & After Photos

Surgeries performed by Dr. Yoash Enzer in Providence, RI.
Skin Cancer Reconstruction Skin Cancer Reconstruction



Skin Cancer Reconstruction Skin Cancer Reconstruction
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Left (Before): This patient presented with a poorly defined skin lesion that wouldn’t resolve.  A biopsy by her dermatologist showed that she had skin cancer, Basal Cell Carcinoma.  Interestingly, a skin cancer was removed by her plastic surgeon years ago in the same area, suggesting this is a recurrence.

Middle (After Mohs Surgery): As you can see, the defects created by the removal of the cancer are much larger than the original lesion, and especially for recurrent lesions.  In general we recommend Mohs surgery because it has a much lower risk of recurrence than all other methods to skin cancer treatment.

Right (After): Three months after reconstruction.  There were two options for her reconstruction.  One would have resulted in a relatively shorter, but vertical scar.  The second was option would create a relatively longer, but horizontal scar, with a slightly raised eyebrow.  Given that most people have one eyebrow slightly higher, and the forehead lines are naturally horizontal, Dr. Enzer elected the latter option.  Both she and Dr. Enzer were very pleased with her outcome.

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