Skin Cancer Reconstruction: Before & After Photos

Surgeries performed by Dr. Yoash Enzer in Providence, RI.
Skin Cancer Reconstruction Skin Cancer Reconstruction



Skin Cancer Reconstruction Skin Cancer Reconstruction
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Left (Before): This patient noticed an irregularity to the right lower eyelid margin.  After consulting with her dermatologist, she was referred to Dr. Enzer for further evaluation.  There was a subtle tiny growth on the central lid margin without obvious loss of normal architecture or missing lashes.  The lesion was suspicious for skin cancer, and a biopsy confirmed it was Basal Cell Carcinoma.  Various treatment options were discussed, and she elected to proceed with Mohs surgery.  Mohs offers the highest cure rates, and best tissue conservation.

Middle (Immediately after Mohs):  The patient lost about one-third of the right lower eyelid after removing the cancer.  The eye was patched, and she was driven from the Mohs office to Dr. Enzer’s outpatient operating room facility for her reconstruction.  The surgery was performed with intravenous sedation anesthesia, meaning she was unaware of what was happening and comfortable, but still able to breath on her own without a tube in her lungs.  She went home the same day, and her sutures were removed a few weeks later.

Right (After): Four months after the reconstruction the eyelid has healed beautifully.  Both the patient and Dr. Enzer are delighted with the result.

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