Oculofacial Trauma Surgery

Conveniently located to serve Providence, RI

Trauma to the eye area requires careful evaluation and management by a specialty-trained physician. Whether the trauma is an orbital fracture, animal bite, acute infection, eyelid/facial laceration, or foreign body, each patient’s condition is precisely assessed to determine the best treatment.

Injuries around the eyes put a patient’s vision at risk, or in more rare circumstances, put their life at risk. Oculoplastic plastic surgeons are specifically trained to handle such emergencies, being the only specialty in medicine trained to evaluate the eye and manage the technical demands of delicate and precise oculofacial plastic surgery. Dr. Enzer’s goal is to restore as much normal function and appearance as is possible to the patient affected by trauma.

For twenty years, Dr. Enzer volunteered three months of every year to care for all oculofacial trauma patients at Rhode Island Hospital, one of the busiest emergency rooms in the United States. You can rest assured Dr. Enzer has the extensive experience and expertise needed to deal with complex trauma of the eye and face.

In addition, when necessary, Dr. Enzer collaborates with the other trauma physicians, such as general plastic and craniofacial surgery, head and neck surgery, oromaxillofacial surgery, and neurological surgery. This collaboration ensures that the best and safest care is given to each and every patient.