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Dr. Enzer takes pride in providing exceptional care for his patients. Read some of our patient’s testimonials for first-hand accounts of their experience with Dr. Enzer.

Thank You Dr. Enzer!
Dr. Enzer, I really appreciate your skill and post care concern you extended to me. My heart smiles when I look into the mirror.

Medical Admin Staff – Your hard work, kindness, understanding and friendliness you feel as soon as you enter your office oversees any worry you may have. You make it easy.

Again, thank you, thank you, thank you

Thank You Dr. Enzer!
Dear Dr. Enzer,

My eyes look a whole lot better, thanks to you. I’m glad I picked you to do my surgery. I also want to thank you for having such patience with me all these months. You deserved a hug also, so here’s your hug. You make your patients feel safe in your work.

Keep up the good work. So if I need you again, I’ll call you. Take Care & God Bless!

Thank You Dr. Enzer!Dear Dr. Enzer,
I found my way back to your office after some years lapsed… on 3/20 I came in for a consult for filler/botox and thank you from the bottom of my heart for not only reviewing, consulting but I am grateful for the application of filler. I’m guessing not all appointments go that way. It was beyond my expectations – and I am watch it settle in and as I’ve been dealing with a rapid acceleration of my spine and other hiccups and you will never know just how much wind in my sails to carry forward it’s giving me – I will see you on 4/24 – everything is settling about – my upper lip wow so greatly appreciated. See you soon!

Another happy patient!To Everyone at Dr. Enzer’s office-
Thank you all for your professionalism, and friendliness. You are a great office—and I appreciate all of you.
Kind Regards Always

2022 real patient reviewDear Dr. Enzer-
Thank you so very much for all of your caring concern. I am so grateful that I had your thoughtful guidance as I struggled with my eye disease. I shall always remember your compassion and kindness.

I was referred to Dr Enzer for a small procedure, a cyst removal under my chin. Upon my first visit, while waiting for the doctor, a lady who works up front came to check-in, apologize for the wait (when it hadn’t really been long) & offered me water! This impressed me and I thought it was such a nice touch. The day of my procedure, the nurse who prepped me and everything for the doctor was so nice and just easy to talk to, someone who you feel automatically comfortable with. Dr Enzer was wonderful during the procedure – he told me everything he was doing and how/what I should feel before he did it which is very important to me. He has such a calming voice and just the way about him helps you though it, you know you’re in excellent hands! All the girls in the front office are all very pleasant and efficient! I got a call from them a month or so after the procedure to tell me that they followed up with my insurance and, my insurance ended up covering the procedure (that was $700 back in my pocket!). Overall, my experience was Awesome! I would HIGHLY recommend Dr Enzer & Associates to anyone that’s in need of plastic surgery!

To Dr. Enzer & Staff—

I was in around mid-June and I just wanted to thank you all. Dr. Enzer you did a great job with my face!! My confidence is so boosted. As I feel great about myself. I felt completely safe as always coming to your office. You and your staff are so nice and professional. I would recommend all of you to anyone and everyone. Once again- I just wanted to say thanks and I look forward to seeing you again.

Feeling & Looking Good.

Special Thank YouDr. Enzer & Staff—

I just wanted to thank each of you for your role in making my procedure possible. A special thank you to Donna & Nicole in working with UHC to get the paperwork needed. Dr. Enzer did a wonderful job and I no longer have such heavy eyelids & my vision is open.
I know and appreciate it takes a team behind the scenes to make it work, so from the bottom of my heart…
Thank You!

Thank You NoteDr Enzer, Sarah, Nicole, Melissa, & Jessica,

I haven’t adequately expressed to you how much I appreciate your kindness, support & excellent care that you’ve provided to me pre- and post- surgery. You all mad a bad situation brighter for me and for that, I’ll be forever grateful. Happiest of holidays!

Thank You NoteMany thanks to you. Just wanted to let you know how much you’re appreciated. Dear Ashley, Thank you for making me feel so much better about myself. You did such a great job. Thanks again, Linda

Dear Dr. Enzer & Staff,
So grateful to you and your staff for the wonderful care I received during and after my face surgery. You were all so very helpful and nice during my five month recovery. Hope you all enjoy a wonderful summer. With much gratitude-

To Dr. Enzer and Staff,
I would (like) to thank you for (the) wonderful treatment that you and your staff gave me during my recent surgery. Also, I would like to thank you for (the) fine work that you did on (the) reconstruction of my cheek and my face. Thanks Again!

Wow! This is amazing– I LOVED meeting Dr. Enzer. I have never had someone spend so much time asking questions, looking at old pictures and making suggestions. I can’t wait to have my treatments done! Scheduled for June 1st, but really hoping to come sooner if there is a cancellation. This letter is awesome and clearly Dr. Enzer has such a great reputation because of the attention and personalized advice he gives to his patients. Worth the wait!

I write to let you know how grateful I am for your skill and care in the reconstruction of my forehead after Mohs surgery. Remnants of the incisions now are barely noticeable and the healing seems right on track. It has been my experience that sometimes talented people do not always use their gifts wisely or graciously – but you are a credit to your profession. Thank you.

Every day I look in the mirror to do my hair or make-up I think of you and thank God for you. My eyes no longer show the pain and sadness I’ve gone through in my 61 years – hey not all bad – I’ve certainly been blessed also.

I gotta tell ya – my vision is so much better I only have to wear glasses to read fine print now. Oh and no more near misses in traffic as my peripheral vision is improved – everything looks lighter and brighter!

My neck is so much better than it was too – the swelling comes and goes just in that one spot that I showed you but I think it’s 75% healed – you did say 6 months and it’s only been 3.
You and your delightful staff have made me so happy. Thank you all.

I said thank you at my last appointment, but I have to say thank you again. All the other people taking care of me the other day have great respect for you, they pass that respect to me.

Thank you so much for the work you did on my eyes, I feel great! You did a tremendous job!

Just a short note to express my gratitude for observing that spot under my left nostril which you felt needed attention. You noticed it while removing my stitches. It is a puzzle as to why the dermatologist had not noticed it at my check-up. I called this morning and had it biopsied. I will have word on that when I return from Florida. Again, thank you so much for being so observant.

This note is to thank you and express my appreciation for the beautiful floral arrangement that I received from you this past Friday afternoon. Needless to say, I was so very surprised as well as overjoyed. “It really made my day!”

Thank you for doing the surgery on my right eye. It’s taken me all my life to look and feel this good because of your expertise. God bless you!

First of all, I’m glad that you liked my cartoon of us, and in spite of the “agony of the needle” I want you to know that I think you are a great doctor (good “bedside” manner and compassionate) plus you did a great job on my eyelid, it looks better than before you worked on it. Just wanted you to know that you are appreciated.

Thank you for taking care of [name redacted] for these past few years. He passed away […] He thought you were a great doctor and I wanted you to know that.

After months of research and visits to other doctors and facilities who specialize in cosmetic surgery and enhancements, I am so grateful and fortunate to have instinctively made the right choice and allowed myself to be a recipient of your superb expertise and care with my recent procedures. What a wonderful feeling to look into the mirror and see the steady improvements in every area that gave me concern. I can see the collective results with each new day and it’s been less than one week since my surgery! There are so many more appreciative thoughts inside the words “Thank You”! I am simply thrilled!

I certainly want to mention, too, that I always appreciated the personal attention given to me by both you and Karen. I felt like I was the only patient being looked after which made me feel very special! Your staff was always very warm and friendly too, which made it all a comfortable and pleasant experience for me and my husband.

In addition, I must again say “thank you” for the special flowers that were delivered last Saturday. What a lovely gesture! “A class act”… so they say and [name redacted] and I simply agree!

Wishing you and happy and healthy new year. Your kindness and compassion is never forgotten.

This card says it all! Not only does it have my favorite flower on it and it also describes my feelings for all of you. Thank you so much!

Thank you for taking such good care of me during my melanoma diagnosis. Excellent medical care combined with human kindness makes a difference in how traumatic, or less so, a treatment can be.

I would like to thank you for [the] wonderful treatment that you and your staff gave me during my recent surgery […] Also I would like to thank you for [the] fine work that you did on [the] reconstruction of my cheek and face.

I just wanted to let you know how happy I am with the treatment I received the other day. I can’t get over how the subtle changes made such a difference in my face and overall appearance. It’s amazing! You are truly an artist.

My hair may turn white, my skin may wrinkle – but I can read without squinting! My eyes have kept me young and feeling good about my wholeself. It’s amazing! I want you to know that you have my endearing and endless thanks – for your skillful eye surgery, and for your careful, kind, care.

Thank you very much for coming to visit me earlier this month in RI Hospital, after my surgery with Dr. Doberstein. I’m sorry I missed you. I was having a CAT scan at the time, but I’m glad my husband met you. Unfortunately, 5 days in the hospital turned into 10. The neck of the aneurysm was wide, and the clip did not go across all the way, so I ended up with a residual aneurysm, needing coiling done as well. My recovery is slow and difficult, and there is a long road ahead, but I am grateful to have come this far. Thank you so much, Dr. Enzer. You were the first link in most likely saving my life.

Wow! What a surprise. Surgery on Wednesday (compresses, blurry vision in front of me) and on Thursday doesn’t a beautiful flower arrangement arrive made up of red roses, huge white daisies, babies breath, greenery from all of you to cheer me on. Your concern and thoughtfulness is very much appreciated. Thanks again!

This is to thank you for the excellent way in which you treated our granddaughter. Your professional, skilled, and caring manner, and the way you explained your treatment to her, the immediacy you returned phone calls, and your availability to her for any questions was (is) outstanding. Her surgery looks beautiful! Thank you so very much.

Words cannot express the gratitude I hold within my soul for your generosity and awesome care as a physician. You have renewed my faith in the goodness of man. I will ever be indebted to you for saving my eyesight.

I was so surprised and delighted to receive my lovely flowers on Wednesday. The arrangement is gorgeous, but I especially wish you all could see the roses – they are the most vivid and beautiful red/orange color. I’ve never seen any flower quite like them. Thank you all so much for your thoughtfulness in sending the bouquet. It is deeply appreciated. On another note, I seem to be doing just fine. I feel great and I don’t seem to have much swelling left. I thank you all, particularly Dr. Enzer, for making this such a stress-free experience.

I’m so happy to be under your care for my skin and face. The products seem to be tolerated well, and your staff is friendly and professional. A great office has a good leader. You’ve put together a great team. Thank you for your generous courtesy as well. It is kind of you. See you soon.

On April 10 of this year, we had reason to require the services of two of the doctors on your staff, Dr. Ananth V. Mudgil, and Dr. Yoash R. Enzer. Our five year old son, Matthew, had been bitten by the family dog, and suffered an awful gash near his eye. He was transported to the Hasbro Children’s Hospital in Rhode Island, and greeted there by Dr. Mudgil.

Needless to say, upon our arrival, we were extremely anxious and afraid for the well being of our child. Dr. Mudgil acknowledged our feelings, addressed our concerns, and reassured us that our son would be well cared for. More importantly, Dr. Mudgil assessed the damage to Matthew’s eye, and made a confident and accurate recommendation that he be seen by Dr. Enzer, a specialist in eyelid and facial surgery.

Thanks in large part to his recommendation, our son is now doing fine. His eye is healing nicely. Instead of an accident he’ll never be able to forget, by virtue of an ugly scar. This incident will be one he’ll always remember. The difference, though subtle, is not lost on us. We have Doctors Mudgil and Enzer to thank. I hope that they are commended for the job that they did. Please be sure to share, with them, our gratitude.

Thanks so much for examining my mom last week. I know it was a hectic, overbooked week for you. I am reassured that someone capable and trustworthy could tell her everything is okay. My parents have each had significant errors made in their care over the last few months and are still very affected by that.

We appreciate your thoughtfulness and patience. We are looking forward to our afternoon with the Enzers this Saturday.

Just a note to thank you for having taken me under your wing last Friday as an emergency appointment. Maria’s upbeat personality along with your warm smile and wonderful chair side manner made an otherwise unpleasant experience enjoyable. Your thorough exam and treatment along with your gentle tone has restored my right eye to perfect health.

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for your excellent care and compassion and wisdom dealing with my eye care. This has been a very different year as you certainly are aware. You took my fears and concerns and gave me hope again. In summary you helped me more than you realize making a very difficult time in my life a little easier.

I really want to thank you for the marvelous job you did on my orbital decompression. You can’t imagine how much better I feel. My eyes are no longer irritated and watery, and I know I look much better. My friends and family are amazed at the job you’ve done. They think you’re wonderful. One friend says I look sweeter, but we know that isn’t true! Ha! Ha!
Anyway, I thought you’d get a kick out of this card and I hope you don’t mind me sending it. If you do, I’m sorry, but the fact of the matter is, I really don’t know how to thank you. You have changed my life.

I want to thank you for your services over this past year. Your professionalism and friendliness has allayed any fear we might have had during the process of treatment.

When I heard that I needed stitches for my eye I was scared. But once they said you were the best and most caring doctor I felt a little better. All of the people that helped me of course I thank them but now I know my eyes will look good as new in no time because of you. Thank you very very very very very much.

What a wonderful surprise it was to receive such a beautiful bouquet of flowers! They certainly helped brighten my day. Please know that I truly appreciate your exceptional caring and thoughtfulness.

When I looked at the work that you did on my eye, my first thought was what a brilliant and gifted surgeon you are, and the second thought was what a caring and compassionate doctor. Thank you from my heart.

I wanted to thank you and everyone involved with my mother’s surgery. You did such a wonderful job. Thanks to you, she will be as beautiful as she was before.

Also, I’d like to thank everyone in your office for being so polite and kind. That doesn’t go unnoticed.

They say “a picture is worth a thousand words.” Recently, my aunt gave me a photo taken at her anniversary party a couple months before my first appointment with you. Days before she gave me the photo, I had developed the photo that I will be including with my Christmas cards this year. The contrast between the two photos was quite striking. I am enclosing a copy of both photos to you with heartfelt gratitude.

Not long ago a shopkeeper in town said to me, “You look so good lately; there must be a man in your life.” She was only half right; it is actually a man and his whole staff. So, Dr. Enzer, once again I want to thank you and your staff for putting such a happy smile on the face of the woman in the enclosed photo.

We are all looking forward to my mother’s “eye opening operation” on Wednesday morning. While she is feeling some anxiousness, she is also going forth with great confidence that you once again will use your knowledge and talents and make her well.

I want to thank you for the great care, consideration, and kindness you have shown my mother. She remembers with fondness that you took her arm and walked her down the hallway after her office visit with you back in June. You made her feel that she was important and worthy and that she could place her trust in you – she has done that from day one.

The mutual admiration and respect you have for each other I believe has made this ordeal easier to cope with and all of my family is deeply grateful to you.

My mother is a truly amazing woman, and I am constantly learning from her. She and my father raised us to be honest, hardworking, faithful, and proud – and it is those qualities I draw on when times seem tough.

This summer could have been much more difficult on my mother and all of the family if she didn’t have so much faith and trust in you. I want you, Karen, all of the doctors and nurses and medicine staff we have met know that we are truly grateful. It is a great comfort having you all a part of our team.

We wish you the very best life has to offer.

It isn’t often I feel compelled to write to someone because I want to let them know about what a wonderful job they have done. Often, the opposite prevails.

However, as each day passes, and this “other person” continues to evolve from the surgery, I feel more and more grateful that you were recommended to me.

We are both aware that this is a field which has its share of horror stories and I must admit that I was quite apprehensive about the outcome. I did not, as you know have unrealistic hopes about the surgery. I just wanted an improvement. Well I don’t mind saying that I am thrilled with the results. The emotional metamorphosis is more profound than the physical changes.

I am also prepared for any less favorable changes that could occur as a result of future healing. However, as of this moment, I could not be more pleased with the results. My friends and family are quite amazed at the transformation, and for the first time are aware of the disparity between looking as I do now, and the way I looked all these years. They became quite accustomed to it. However, this was not the case for me.

I appreciate the interest you showed both my husband and I regarding the emotional turmoil this deformity has caused me for the better part of my life. At a appoint when I certainly could use some reassurance about myself, you gave me the chance to remove the last living thorn in my side.

I find it gratifying that I am again shopping for eye makeup, something I have not bothered to do in many years.

I look forward to seeing you again.


I very much appreciate what you did for me, in giving me the benefit of your expert hands – both for taking away pain and for rescuing me from the insurance jam. Whyever you did it, thank you.

Though I don’t think I’m quite hardy optimist enough to say “I’m glad I had this surgery,” I can say I’m grateful that you were able to be my surgeon. You know, Fran Figueroa said if he were in my spot, he’d want you – this transferred trust is pretty much what kept me from freaking out and running away from that pre-op area! Thank you again.

The beautiful flowers are a symbol of a brighter tomorrow and the kindness of those who sent them. They are so lovely.
Your beautiful flower bouquet arrived at our home at just the right time. Thank you all so much.

As I glanced upon my face in the mirror the day after surgery such a gasp of shock I made! How can my choice of such skin damage ever become gentle again? What have I done to myself? I cannot believe I actually wanted this!

I kept saying to myself quietly… “Believe in what Dr. Enzer said!” The changes will happen soon, the metamorphosis will begin to appear just like a butterfly in summer.

No one knows really, why some of us chase the youthful dream. For me, I have a love of life. I want to see all its beauty.

Thank you all for your support and words of encouragement.

I don’t know how many thank you cards you get from your patients, but I do know this one is long overdue.

I just haven’t been able to find the words.

Thank you for being so thorough. Thank you for sending me for the brain MRI. Thank you for letting my brain aneurysm be found. And on behalf of everyone in my family who care about me and depends on me, we are truly grateful.

I’m facing brain surgery at the beginning of February. I have never been so afraid in my life, but at the same time I know I am one lucky person. Dr. Doberstein has told me this more than once.

I will see you at my next appointment with you on January 14. The words are just not enough, but thank you.

Thank you for doing such a beautiful job on my eye. I’ve added you to my list of favorite people. The enclosed mediation is perfect for you.

P.S. And thank you for your patience.

The expression is “better late than never.” Yes, my note is late! Very late – however, that doesn’t mean that I haven’t thank you every day. If anyone had to tell me that my daughter had melanoma, I am glad it was your face! One that I have known for over 15 years. [Name withheld] called to tell me that you greatly [blank] – that was very sweet of you – I know she appreciated it! As do I! She is now waiting for her next dermatologist visit – so I guess we will sort of hold our breath for a little while – I heard [name withheld] got into [blank]. Congratulations! Thank you for your time and generosity. We all really appreciate all you did for [name withheld].

I felt so insecure coming to your office for help. Feeling a bit vain over something that wasn’t life threatening.

After spending this time with you all I leave feeling confident about how I can look someone in the eyes once again.

But most of all I leave with what I feel is a new found family and friendship.

Thank you for the beautiful floral arrangement, it really helped to cheer me up during my recovery. Most importantly, thank you for providing excellent care and peace of mind during my surgery. I felt well-cared for by you and your entire staff from beginning to end.

Your thoughtfulness and kindness will always be remembered.

Just wanted to thank you so much for doing such a nice job on my MOHS reconstruction – I honestly didn’t know what you would do to close that incision – I am so pleased and incredibly grateful to you for your meticulous craft. May you continue to be blessed in your profession.

I hope this finds you well. I wanted to let you know how beautifully I’ve healed and thank you for helping me. I feel like a new person (and look like one too!). There is virtually no scar – in fact the procedure seems to have softened the deep lines I’ve always had in that area and improved my overall health. I am forever grateful to you!

I wanted to take a moment to thank you for all of your continued help – [especially with the young guy I was freaking out about!!] I really appreciate it – you are one of the few that really cares about every aspect of the care delivered. Thank you! You are the man!