Cosmetic Procedures For Men

The time has come to pay attention to men in the field of aesthetic surgery. For years the focus was on the female patient, not only for the goals of a particular procedure but even in the appearance of waiting rooms and mailings to prospective clients. In fact, years ago if a male patient was interested in a cosmetic procedure, there were even negative stigmata attached to that individual.

Well, let me set the record straight: Men have just as much interest and rights to look and feel their best in our society, irrespective of their job, race, marital status, or sexual orientation. In fact, studies show the more attractive a person, the more opportunities they will have for success in all aspects of their lives, both professionally and personally.

That being said, we can not treat men and women the same, as there are some key differences between the sexes when it comes to the face. For instance, Men have thicker skin, and it does not age or wrinkle as quickly. Men’s facial skin has a more robust blood supply to maintain facial hair. Men have more prominent bones above the eyes (supraorbital ridge), and often a flatter brow. And perhaps most importantly, men have a squared chin and more prominent jaw angle. These are all features that make a person LOOK more masculine, and must be taken into consideration when it comes to facial analysis and meeting the goals of an improved appearance.

We created this section of our website to highlight or respect and understanding of both the similarities and the differences of the sexes when it comes to the field of aesthetic facial surgery. Please click on the link below to take you to the section of interest to you: