Skin Cancer Treatment

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Skin cancers, as well as eyelid cancers, have risen to epidemic proportions in our society. Excessive sun exposure is a leading cause of skin cancers, but it can also be a hereditary condition. Any new or changing skin lesion, whether a bump on the skin, a mole, or a sore that won’t heal, should be evaluated for possible skin cancer.

Understanding Skin Cancer

Although doctors can look at a skin growth to determine its danger, ultimately a superficial biopsy is needed to determine the pathology of the lesion. If cancerous, most skin lesions are treated with surgical excision. Depending on the pathology of the biopsied area, there are different surgical options, such as direct excision, MOHS surgery, frozen section, or observation. Dr. Enzer discusses each of these options with his patients along with their risks and benefits.

MOHS Skin Cancer Surgery

Dr. Enzer has always been a strong advocate for MOHS surgery. This is a special technique for removing skin cancers and has been shown in numerous studies to have the highest cure rate. Most, but not all skin cancers can be removed with MOHS surgery. This is performed by surgical dermatologists who have undertaken an additional year of training to learn this technique.

In a MOHS surgery situation, Dr. Enzer’s role is to reconstruct the defect created by removing the skin cancer. By selecting an oculoplastic plastic surgeon such as Dr. Enzer, you are getting a physician dedicated to the most meticulous plastic surgery techniques. You can rest assured knowing that you will get the best cosmetic and functional result possible.

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