Skin Cancer Reconstruction: Before & After Photos

Surgeries performed by Dr. Yoash Enzer in Providence, RI.
Skin Cancer Reconstruction Skin Cancer Reconstruction



Skin Cancer Reconstruction Skin Cancer Reconstruction
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Procedure: Nose Reconstruction
Left Photo: Eight months after two stage reconstruction. This woman had a very aggressive skin cancer of her nose .
Middle Photo: After it was removed with Mohs surgery, the defect went all the way through. Thus she was missing skin cartilage and the inner nasal lining.
Right Photo: The initial reconstruction entailed a graft of ear cartilage to replace the nasal cartilage, and a skin flap (notice her mole moved) as well as repair of the inner lining. The second procedure involved thinning and contouring the flap. Although repair of defects in this area often are not perfect, she has a smooth contour to the side of her nose again, and she is pleased with her outcome.

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