Fillers: Before & After Photos

Surgeries performed by Dr. Yoash Enzer in Providence, RI.
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Fillers Fillers
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Left (Before): Age- late 30’s. This person is starting to notice deep lines around the mouth area. These are known as “parentheses lines”. The medical term is nasolabial creases or folds. These lines are caused by strong attachments of the skin to the underlying tissues and serve as anchors to prevent the face from falling. The treatment options were discussed, and synthetic hyaluronic acid fillers were chosen. Often Dr. Enzer recommends placing fillers in the upper and lateral cheeks to indirectly help lift the weight off the nasolabial folds. In this case the patient elected to have the folds treated directly.

Right (After): This photo shows the result of one vial of Juvederm Ultra administered via a cannula (not a needle) to the nasolabial folds. Note that there was a significant asymmetry between the right and left nasolabial folds as well as a dimple on the left. Both the patient and Dr. Enzer were very pleased with the treatment results, and we expect this to last about one year before needing an enhancement.

Individual Results May Vary