Facial Wrinkle Treatment – Causes and Treatment Options Providence

The lines and wrinkles that form on our faces can be a daily source of frustration. Why do we get facial wrinkles in the first place and how can we best treat them? Facial wrinkles form due to two main factors: changes in the skin and repeated muscle use. Repetitive use of facial muscles creases […]

Cheek Lift – Providence Facial-Rejuvenation Procedure

For patients who feel that they look older than they should, a cheek lift can be an incredibly effective procedure. Our cheek lift procedure is ideal for patients who are in need of a youthful lift, as it can eliminate sagging and erase wrinkles and dark circles. A cheek lift is a minimally invasive surgical […]

Earlobe Repair – Repair Methods Providence

Earrings and other types of piercings and gauges can cause a number of issues with the earlobes. If you have experienced earlobe trauma, we can repair it. Your earlobe repair surgery will vary depending on the exact nature of the issue. Some patients have earlobes that are fully split. To correct this, we use medical […]

Lip Augmentation – Providence Injectable Options

For your lip augmentation at our office, you will have several options, including fat transfer injections and injections of fillers like Restylane Silk and Juvederm. These injections work to plump the lips through the addition of volume to the skin. Which technique is right for you? Fat transfer involves the harvesting of fat cells from […]

Latisse Eyelash Treatment – Lash Growth Providence

Have you noticed a change in your eyelashes? Latisse eyelash treatment aids in the regrowth and rejuvenation of lashes that have been affected by the aging process. To apply Latisse eyelash treatment, patients will first place a single drop of the medication onto the sterile applicator, at the region near the tip. During this, the […]

Laser Eyelid Lift – Providence Blepharoplasty Options

Laser Eyelid Lift Providence

During a laser eyelid lift, we use our CO2 laser to revitalize the eye area. The aging process affects patients’ eye regions differently depending on factors such as skin elasticity. The procedure can be done in several ways to address the unique needs of each patient. For some patients, a laser eyelid lift is only […]

Forehead Lines – Contracted Muscles Providence

Forehead Lines Providence

There are many wrinkles that can form in your facial skin over time. Some of the most frustrating and prominent of these unwanted wrinkles are horizontal forehead lines. These lines give a misleading appearance of exhaustion and consternation. To combat unfortunate aspects of the aging process like horizontal forehead lines, we offer Botox, Dysport, and […]

Sclerotherapy – Veins Providence Salt-Water Injections

Sclerotherapy Providence

Patients with spider veins on their thighs or legs often come in for sclerotherapy treatment. Sclerotherapy will help you get rid of those embarrassing blue, red, or purple spider veins, leaving beautiful, clear skin in their place. During sclerotherapy, the inner lining of the offending spider veins is treated with a concentrated salt water solution. […]

Ellman Shave – Radiofrequency Providence Mole Removal

Ellman Shave Providence

Do you have an unwanted mole or other skin lesion? If so, you may be able to get it removed with the help of Ellman radiofrequency technology during a procedure called the Ellman Shave. After a local anesthetic is applied to the targeted region, the radiofrequency energy is used to painlessly shave the mole down […]

Eyeliner Micropigmentation – Providence Medical Tattooing

Eyeliner Micropigmentation Providence

Are you tired of putting on eyeliner day after day? With the help of eyeliner micropigmentation, a precise medical-grade tattooing procedure, you won’t have to worry about eyeliner application again for up to three years! The eyeliner micropigmentation procedure begins with putting small shields over the eyes in order to protect them. The upper and […]