Excess Neck Fat Can Be Contoured Away Using Neck Liposuction

A thick sagging neck or a double chin can change the look of a person’s face, making them look older or out of shape. A beautifully contoured neck, on the other hand, can make someone look fitter and younger. It can be hard to lose excess fat under the chin through diet and exercise alone. […]

Reverse Signs of Aging with a Mid-Facelift

The aging process can dramatically affect the look of the skin. Over the course of time, the skin will start to lose its tone and elasticity, causing the eyelids and cheeks to develop a saggy appearance. These changes will result in a haggard and tired look. The mid-facelift is the perfect solution to these problems, […]

CO2 Laser Resurfacing Is Versatile And Effective

Skin resurfacing using laser has never been safer or easier. The most powerful skin resurfacing laser is the carbon dioxide (CO2) laser. CO2 laser resurfacing is used to reduce the occurrence of skin irregularities such blemishes, acne scars, and wrinkles. The treatment utilizes CO2 laser to remove irregular skin in layers by exposing the skin […]

Deep Nasolabial Folds Can Be Treated With The Help of Synthetic Fillers

The Causes of Nasolabial Folds Nasolabial folds are the two skin folds on the corner of the nose and the mouth. Facial expressions are the primary cause of these types of folds. Constant muscle contractions caused by laughing or smiling can cause them to develop faster and make them become more prominent as early as […]

We Offer Laser Tattoo Removal with the YAG Laser

People get tattoos for a number of different reasons, but there are times when someone looks back decides that getting the tattoo was a mistake. Permanent tattoos aren’t an easy thing to get rid of and they require the help of a medical professional for successful removal. Laser tattoo removal is the ideal option for […]

The YAG Laser Reduces Brown Spots

As you age, your skin may develop brown spots that occur on areas of the skin that are most exposed to the sun. The most common areas include the hands, arms, face, shoulders, and upper back. The painless spots may range from brown to black and have the same texture as the skin. How Do […]

Eliminate Your Double Chin with Kybella Treatment

Developing a double chin may occur at any point in someone’s life. It may be a result of genetics, gaining weight, or degrading skin elasticity in the neck and chin area. A double chin can be an embarrassing look for anyone, especially if you care a lot about your appearance. Traditionally, a double chin is […]

Mole Shaving Using Radiofrequency Energy

Moles on the face and body can not only look aesthetically unappealing, but can also be a cause for worry as some can be cancerous.  We at Enzer & Associates, PC recommend a yearly full-body check by a dermatologist to make sure your skin is healthy and cancer-free.  Although there are some warning signs for […]

Tired of Seeing Prominent Veins? Sclerotherapy May Be for You

Having prominent veins on the body such as spider veins can be embarrassing and cause you to feel insecure. If you find yourself hiding various parts of your body due to the appearance of unsightly veins, it’s time for you to find a solution to your problem. What Are Spider Veins? Spider veins are small […]

Dysport Relaxes Muscles to Ease Away Facial Lines and Wrinkles

Have you noticed that your face is developing more and more signs of aging? Fine lines and wrinkles can accumulate at a rapid rate if you’re not careful. Don’t let aging diminish your good looks – come to us for a cosmetic treatment. To smooth out those age lines, we offer numerous solutions, including Dysport […]