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Kybella Treatment – Lose That Submental Fat – Providence

The area beneath the chin is known as the submental region. Submental fullness in the form of excess fat causes a double chin, which in turn makes someone look overweight or old. If you’re experiencing excess submental fullness but do not want to undergo invasive surgery, such as liposuction, Kybella could be the answer. Kybella […]

Botox to Reduce Lines – Providence Injection Procedure

Curious about Botox? This popular injectable treatment is used to reduce fine lines and wrinkles on the face. What should you expect Botox treatment to be like? First, Dr. Enzer will analyze your face, looking at key areas for fine lines and creases created by muscle. He will determine muscle strength and will use all […]

Sclerotherapy Treatment – Causes of Spider Veins Providence

What causes the formation of spider veins on the legs? The cause for these superficial veins is unknown. Some researchers believe it is a detour when there is a blockage of a deeper large vein. Pregnancy can result in a number of new spider veins, as can obesity, injury, and sustained periods of standing or […]

Facial Fillers – Your Injectable Options Providence

We utilize a variety of facial fillers in order to treat patients’ wrinkles in the most personalized and precise ways possible. We provide hyaluronic acid fillers, calcium-based fillers, and poly-L-lactic acid fillers, each of which works in its own way to erase age lines. Hyaluronic acid fillers attract water molecules, so that the end volume […]