Developing a double chin may occur at any point in someone’s life. It may be a result of genetics, gaining weight, or degrading skin elasticity in the neck and chin area. A double chin can be an embarrassing look for anyone, especially if you care a lot about your appearance.

Traditionally, a double chin is treated surgically through neck lifts and liposuction. Those procedures, however, can be costly and require longer recovery times. Now, with the Kybella treatment, double chins can be erased with a properly administered injection. The treatment can help countless men and women who are struggling with embarrassing double chin problems.

The treatment is perfect for those who feel self-conscious about their looks and want to achieve a more toned facial profile with exceptional contours.

What Is the Kybella Treatment?

The Kybella treatment relies on the use of deoxycholic acid to destroy the cells that store fat. Since the chemical compound used in the treatment is already produced naturally in the human body, any chance of possible side effects are greatly reduced.

Kybella can provide a long-lasting solution for anyone with a double chin, and many of the people who have undergone the procedure experience exceptional results.

Why Choose Kybella Treatment?

There are plenty of reasons why you may want to consider Kybella treatment for your double chin. The first is that there is no need to surgically alter your facial contours. Many people are understandably wary of surgery and if an injection can help melt away the fat cells, that might be considered the better option.

A patient who chooses to undergo a Kybella treatment can go home and return to their daily routine almost immediately. Some patients may experience swelling, discomfort, and a prickly feeling but these symptoms are minimal compared to other procedures and will subside in time. Your surgeon will also recommend medications to help ease any discomfort you encounter.

Candidates for the Kybella Treatment

People above the age of 18 and in good general health can undergo the Kybella treatment. You will also need to have realistic expectations about the results provided by the procedure. By supplementing the procedure with an exercise routine and a diet plan, you can enhance your results even further.

Sometimes, enlarged chins may be the result of an underlying medical condition such as swollen thyroid glands and not fat accumulation. Under these circumstances, Kybella will not be suitable treatment and you will need to see a doctor for help treating the medical condition responsible.

Patients who are on any kind of medication, are pregnant, or breastfeeding will need to inform their surgeon during the consultation process about these factors, he may advise you to postpone the procedure until a later date.

Your Kybella treatment will require multiple injections in a single sitting to eliminate the fat cells. In addition to this, you may be required to visit your surgeon for more than one procedure, depending on the amount of fat cells that need to be eliminated. That said, the treatment is highly effective and the results start becoming apparent a few weeks after undergoing the treatment.

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