Earrings and other types of piercings and gauges can cause a number of issues with the earlobes. If you have experienced earlobe trauma, we can repair it. Your earlobe repair surgery will vary depending on the exact nature of the issue.

Some patients have earlobes that are fully split. To correct this, we use medical stitches to reconnect both sides of the earlobe. This means connecting not just the outer skin layers but also the inner layers and the fat tissue. The injured piercing tract will be taken out.

Some patients have earlobes that are torn or elongated within the borders of the lobe. These can be addressed with customized earlobe repair. Re-piercing that same day may also be an option.

Finally, some patients have earlobes that are stretched out and sagging but are not torn or split. For these situations, some of the skin can be carefully removed, or the lobes re-inflated with fillers.

Talk to Dr. Yoash Enzer, a board-certified surgeon and Rhode Island’s top cosmetic and laser specialist, to learn more about the available methods of earlobe repair. If you would like to arrange an informative consultation with Dr. Enzer, get in contact with our office.