Spring NewsletterSpring has sprung! We have some exciting specials to help you put your freshest face forward and start the season off right. Read on to learn more!

NEW! Liquid Smile

Now only $99.00*!
*price does not include tax
Limited time offer, while supplies last.

“You only get one chance at a first impression.”

Did you know that the simple act of smiling makes you seem more attractive, social, and confident to others? Make your smile a memorable one with Liquid Smile, the first and only professional whitening pen and the newest addition to our line of products. The pen contains a powerful gel formula with 12% hydrogen peroxide, which is three times stronger and works four times faster than store bought whiteners. Other whitening systems have uncomfortable whitening strips that never seem to fit your teeth just right. Liquid Smile has an easy to use pen design that allows you to simply paint the product directly onto your teeth. For maximum results, use Liquid Smile nightly at bedtime for two weeks for a smile up to five shades whiter. Liquid Smile also comes in four delicious flavors to enhance your whitening experience – choose from Cola, Lemon Lime, Root Beer, or Mint. Remember, a whiter, brighter smile is the perfect add-on to any of our cosmetic treatments!

Latisse: Buy One Get one Free!

Limited time offer, while supplies last.

Eyelash lovers, rejoice! We have extended our buy one get one free offer for Latisse, the only FDA approved treatment proven to make your lashes grow fuller, longer, and darker. If you haven’t tried this amazing product, now is the time to see if it is right for you with this great offer.

COMBINE AND SAVE! Latisse & Liquid Smile

Get more beauty for your buck! Take advantage of our Latisse buy one get one free offer and add on Liquid Smile for just $200.00 total!

Last Chance! Botox® Cosmetic Rebate Offer

Mail-in $50.00 Rebate

Take advantage of this great rebate opportunity for one of the most popular cosmetic treatments in the United States before it’s too late! When you get your Botox treatment before April 30, 2012 and sign up for Brilliant Distinctions, you are eligible to save $50.00. Brilliant Distinctions is a rewards program through Allergan, the makers of Botox®, where you earn points and save money on any Allergan treatments or products. Ask for your Botox® rebate form when you come in for your treatment. Please note that this offer is not applicable to touch-up treatments.

Esthetician’s Corner: Why Everyone Needs a Skin Care Regimen

The skin care product industry can be overwhelming. We are constantly being bombarded by companies’ claims that their cleansers will erase your pimples or that your wrinkles will magically vanish with their creams. It makes many of us wonder, what’s the big deal about skin care anyway? Do I really need any of these products? My skin looks just fine right now – why should I fix what isn’t broken?

Many people aren’t aware why it is important to take care of their skin, or think that using skin care products is a luxury, not a necessity. When you take care of your skin, you’re enabling it to do the job it was designed to do – protect you from environmental elements as well as disease and infection. Oftentimes people don’t think about their skin’s health until they notice a change in its appearance. The key to keeping your skin healthy and beautiful is preventative care – doing a little bit every day to keep your skin at its optimal health and maintain an effective barrier against imperfections.

A good skin care routine doesn’t need to be complicated. We recommend committing to a simple routine with quality products that will be easy for you to maintain. Adding too many products to your routine makes it overwhelming and it will be less likely for you to take care of your skin properly. It is important to realize that a daily skin care regimen isn’t just a marketing ploy to get you to purchase expensive products. It is a lifestyle change that will pay off in the form of healthy, strong, and beautiful skin.

It is also important to have reasonable expectations of your products. There are NO skin care products on the market that will get rid of skin damage overnight. The benefits from a consistent skin care regimen will become apparent as you get older. If you have faith in your products and use them as advised, your skin will thank you by being both healthy and beautiful – and that is a beautiful thing, indeed!

If you are interested in developing a personalized skin care routine, Melissa, our licensed esthetician, is available for skin care consultations.

Mother’s Day is Sunday, May 13th!

Remember to pamper the “Mom” in your life this Mother’s Day with one of our quality, dermatologist developed skin care products or a gift certificate from Enzer & Associates! Gift certificates are available in any denomination and can be purchased in the office or over the phone. Call us today for more information!

From all of us here at Enzer & Associates, we hope you enjoy the warmer weather and we’ll be back with more skin care tips and practice updates in a few months!

Yoash Enzer, MD, FACS
Enzer & Associates, PC