Do you have thin lips that lack definition and volume? Have you ever wished that someone would tell you that your lips look full and beautiful? If so, you may be interested in coming in for a Restylane Silk treatment.

Restylane Silk: A New Injectable Lip Filler

Fillers are cosmetic treatments that can be used to increase volume in specific areas of the body (typically the face). Dermal fillers are used on the skin to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and depressions.

Lip fillers are injectables that are specifically used to augment the lips and smooth away lip lines. Of the various lip fillers available, Restylane Silk is one of the most well-known brands on the market.

Restylane offers a range of injectable fillers, and Restylane Silk is a specific solution for aesthetic lip issues. Like most fillers, it makes use of hyaluronic acid, which works by plumping up the skin in the area where it is injected. It can create volume and make the lips appear fuller and more beautiful. It is also used to get rid of vertical wrinkles around the lips; these are known as lip lines or smoker’s lines.

This product makes use of a smaller number of hyaluronic-acid particles than other products. This is essential, as the lips are sensitive. This also helps in ensuring that the results look natural.

The Consultation

Dr. Enzer meets with patients for a consultation before arranging their Restylane Silk treatment. During a consultation, Dr. Enzer performs an examination to assess the general health condition of the patient. The patient goes into detail regarding their aesthetic goals and their complete medical history, including any allergies they may have and any medications they are taking.

If Dr. Enzer feels that the patient is a good candidate for Restylane Silk treatment, they are cleared for the procedure.

Coming In for a Restylane Silk Treatment

Restylane Silk treatments are administered as an outpatient procedure, meaning the patient can walk out of the clinic once the procedure is complete and resume their day. It is easy and convenient for the patient and does not require downtime, so they will not need to take time off from work.

Restylane Silk contains lidocaine, a local anesthetic; this ensures numbing of the region to help avoid pain during the procedure. The targeted areas are injected with the product, which is not a particularly long process. After the treatment, Dr. Enzer sees the patient for follow-up visits to ensure there are no issues.

Studies carried out showed that 98% of Restylane Silk patients see improvements within 14 days of receiving treatment. Furthermore, 77% of patients said that the effects were still visible within six months of the treatment.

Set Up Your Consultation Today to Get Started

It’s time to get the enviable lips you’ve been dreaming of. To arrange your Restylane Silk consultation, contact the office of Dr. Yoash Enzer, a board-certified surgeon and Rhode Island’s top laser and cosmetic specialist. Dr. Enzer will be available to discuss this treatment in greater detail.