These days, tattoos are incredibly trendy. Everywhere you look, someone is showing off their latest tattoo. But it’s important to remember that a tattoo is permanent. Once done, it stays with you for life. Not only that, when you age and your skin starts sagging, the appearance of a tattoo often changes for the worse.

Many people go for a tattoo as a fun spur-of-the-moment activity and then decide they don’t like it. Even those who carefully plan out their tattoos may still end up regretting them after a few years.

Luckily, laser tattoo removal can help you get rid of your unwanted tattoo. With the latest technology, all types of tattoos can be removed using laser tattoo removal.

How Laser Tattoo Removal Works

The length of your treatment session and the number of sessions required will depend on the size of the tattoo, the colors used in the tattoo, and the location of the tattoo. The tattoo area will be numbed with a gel or ice pack before the removal treatment in order to protect the superficial skin from the laser energy.

During the treatment, Dr. Enzer targets your tattoo with pulses of laser light. Different wavelengths of light need to be used to treat the different colors of your tattoo.

Your tattoo is not on your skin’s surface – it is on a layer of skin tissue below the surface. Once the laser energy penetrates your skin, it gets selectively absorbed by the ink of the tattoo particles. When the ink absorbs this light, it breaks down into smaller fragments.

Your body’s immune system will then slowly remove these ink particles by flushing them away from the tattooed area. This may take a few weeks, so you must be patient.

Tattoo removal is typically performed over the course of multiple sessions. Every session breaks up more and more ink until all the particles are gone and the tattoo is no longer visible. A considerable gap must be taken between sessions so that the body has enough time to flush out the ink particles that have broken down.

Post-Session Care

After each session, you will need to follow a few basic care steps. Apply an ice pack to the treatment region, avoid exposure to sun and heat, and make sure to protect the area from any physical trauma. All these measures can help the skin tissues heal faster and can also lower the risk of post-treatment marks.

Arranging an Appointment with Dr. Enzer

Keep in mind that the tattoo-removal process can be a lengthy one and that once you begin, you need to be patient enough to wait it out between sessions and stay committed. It will all be worth it once you’ve gotten rid of that unwanted tattoo permanently.

To start your tattoo-removal process, set up a consultation with Dr. Yoash Enzer, a board-certified surgeon and Rhode Island’s top laser and cosmetic specialist. This will help you understand more about the process, the cost, and the number of sessions you may need.

Schedule your informative consultation with Dr. Enzer – contact our office today and make your appointment.