There are many people who are unsatisfied with the appearance of their earlobes. To address this issue, we can use precise injections of dermal fillers to restore the healthy look of the earlobes.

Earlobe Health

Very few individuals devote time to the maintenance of the health of their earlobes. For example, sunscreen must be applied on the earlobes and not just the rest of the face for proper sun protection, but they are largely ignored.

Years of neglect cause the earlobes appear shriveled and aged. In the absence of proper care, the skin of the earlobes sags and starts to show the signs of aging. Similar to the consequences of sun damage on the face, the earlobes lose collagen reserves and elasticity. The results of such subtle changes are evident when the earrings hang lower on the ears.

Dermal Fillers

Dermal fillers are injectable products composed of synthetic or naturally derived materials. When injected into specific regions like the face or the earlobes, they restore volume.

Fillers can be broadly classified into four main categories, and of these, hyaluronic-acid fillers are the most popular. Hyaluronic acid improves the contours of the skin by adding moisture and volume to regions that appear sunken.

Primarily, dermal fillers are used to address moderate and harsh facial wrinkles, reduce the appearance of acne scars and other depressions, and redefine the corners of the lips.

Recently, however, the benefits of dermal fillers have been extended to the earlobes. People who have lost their confidence in wearing earrings because of droopy lobes can use this treatment to feel better about their ears.

What to Expect from Earlobe Fillers

Administration of fillers for the earlobe is identical to the procedure followed for the face. However, the treatment is simpler to perform on the earlobe, because the region is devoid of the extensive network of capillaries present in the face.

First, the areas of treatment will be marked carefully. If necessary, anesthesia will be used if the doctor deems it necessary. The volume of the earlobes is then increased by injecting a specific dosage of the chosen dermal filler.

No downtime will be needed after the treatment, so you will be able to return to work and your daily schedule.

Dermal fillers offer immediate results. These results will last for several months; there are dermal fillers that last for around six months and others that can last for up to 24 months. After this time, you may be able to return for follow-up treatments.

Finding Out More During a Consultation

On the whole, dermal-filler injections are a simple, effective, and effortless way to restore the look of the earlobes. If you would like to learn more about this procedure and the other aesthetic options we offer, it’s best to contact our office and schedule an informative consultation.

Dr. Yoash Enzer is a well-respected board-certified surgeon and Rhode Island’s top laser and cosmetic specialist. Dr. Enzer will be happy to answer your questions, show you before-and-after photos, and more.