Summer NewsletterSummer is here! In this month’s newsletter, you’ll hear about all the changes going on in the office, our round-up of some of the best summer skin care products, and much more. Read on to soak up all the details, and enjoy!

What’s new with Dr. Enzer… and our staff!

At the beginning of the year, Dr. Enzer introduced Juvéderm Voluma®, the newest volumizing filler from Allergan. Over the past six months, Dr. Enzer has had an outstanding response and is very pleased with the product. “Voluma is the best volumizing filler to hit the U.S. market in the past few years,” says Dr. Enzer. Juvéderm Voluma® gives patients a more natural appearance and feel under the skin than other fillers, and has a powerful lift capability that can replace surgical lifting techniques.

Dr. Enzer continues to stay active in research and recently published an article in the Journal of Clinical and Aesthetic Dermatology on his “threading” technique for neuromodulator injections. This injection technique deposits the neuromodulator product more evenly to the facial muscles compared to other methods, allowing the entire length of the muscle to be affected. Additionally, the technique requires fewer needle sticks, thus reducing pain and the chance of bruising.

If you’ve been into the office recently, you may have noticed that Melissa has some news to share… Melissa and her husband are expecting their first child mid-August and we couldn’t be more excited for them! We wish them the best on their adventures in parenthood as well as happy, healthy days ahead.

We would also like to welcome Jessica, the newest member of our staff! Jessica was born and raised in East Providence and brings over 15 years of customer service experience to our practice. She is fluent in Portuguese, and is the proud mother of a 9-month old boy. When she’s not in the office, she loves to spend time with her husband and son. Jessica will be working at our front desk and is excited to bring her diverse skill set to the medical field.

What you need to know about injectables

Summer fun doesn’t have to slow down for antiaging treatments! One of the quickest and safest ways to freshen up your look is with injectables. Injectables such as Botox, Dysport, and facial fillers have little to no downtime, so you can get back to enjoying beautiful summer days faster than you can say “facelift.”

If you want to get rid of pesky expression lines on your forehead, outer corners of the eyes, or between the brows with virtually no downtime, you may be interested in neuromodulators. Botox and Dysport are neuromodulators that relax your facial muscles to smooth out fine lines and wrinkles, giving you a well-rested appearance. Dr. Enzer can also use these products to correct asymmetry in the eyebrows or face. For more information, click here.

Those who want a boost of facial volume or have deeper wrinkles should consider injectable facial fillers. A typical treatment session only takes 30 to 40 minutes, and will give you immediate, long-lasting results. The most common treatment areas include the cheeks, lips, brows, temples, and nasolabial folds, but you can also speak with Dr. Enzer for a customized treatment plan. Learn more by clicking here.

Next time you want to refresh your look, think outside the scalpel. Our minimally-invasive
treatment plans can give you the lift you need without the cost, risks, or downtime of surgery.
For more information, call us to set up a consultation or visit our website!

Book your holiday appointments now!

Believe it or not, we’re already thinking about our holiday schedule, and we want to make sure
that all of our patients get the treatments they want for the holiday season. If you’re planning to
have a cosmetic treatment in October, November, or December, please call us at least two
months in advance to reserve your spot – they go very quickly!

Sunscreen for every skin type

Summer fashions come and go, but wearing your sunscreen is always in style. Not only does sunscreen protect against sunburn, it also blocks the ultraviolet (UV) rays that cause premature skin aging, wrinkling, and brown spots. Here are our top choices for sunscreens that provide broad spectrum UV protection and will help keep your skin looking youthful for years to come.

Epionce Ultra Shield SPF 50 boasts a high sun protection factor (SPF) rating with a light, quick absorbing formula – a winning combination! It’s gentle enough for all skin, even rosacea-, allergy-, and acne-prone types, and contains super-refined zinc oxide for safe and effective sun protection.

EltaMD Facial SPF 30+ gives skin a boost of moisture while blocking harmful UV rays with transparent zinc oxide. We recommend this sunscreen for patients with normal to dry skin, or those who are looking for a moisturizer and sunscreen combo. Also great for after chemical peels or laser resurfacing!

EltaMD Shield SPF 45 proves that sunscreen can play well with oily and acneic skin, too. The light, oil-free formula won’t clog pores, and micronized zinc oxide provides excellent sun protection while effortlessly blending into your skin without leaving a white film or residue.

EltaMD Sport SPF 50 keeps up with you, even on your busiest summer days! This waterresistant zinc oxide sunscreen is ideal for swimmers, golfers, hikers, gardeners, and anyone else who loves to be outdoors. Plus, it won’t drip into your eyes and sting when you work up a sweat.

EltaMD Aero SPF 45 makes sun protection a breeze. The continuous spray is perfect for midday sunscreen touchups and all those hard-to-reach places. Plus you’re getting superior protection from natural zinc oxide, which sprays on white so you can be sure you’re covered, then dries clear.

Solar Protection Formula SPF 65 protects all skin types, especially sensitive, delicate skin after chemical peels or laser resurfacing procedures, with both titanium dioxide and zinc oxide. We also have Solar Protection Formula Tinted SPF 60, which doubles as a customizable tinted concealer!

Remember, the best sunscreen will be the one you actually use, so it’s important to choose a sunscreen you like. For sunscreen samples or other sun-smart recommendations, call our office!

Summer skin tips

We love sunny summer days, but they don’t always go hand in hand with flawless skin. If your skin feels out of balance when the seasons change, simply swapping out one or two skin care products may make all the difference. Try a foamy gel cleanser instead of a creamy lotion cleanser, or choose a lighter moisturizer over a heavier one. You can even add a soothing or oilcontrolling toner depending on your needs. Click the links below for some of our favorite summer skin care products.

Exuviance Purifying Cleansing Gel
Neostrata Foaming Glycolic Wash
Epionce Purifying Toner
Epionce Balancing Toner
Epionce Lite Renewal Facial Lotion


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