Many people notice the damaging effects of aging and the elements on their skin. If you’re interested in trying a glycolic chemical peel or skin care analysis, look no further than our licensed esthetician, Melissa. Melissa has training and experience in numerous skin conditions, including acne and sensitive skin.

One of our peel options is the Refinity Glycolic Peel. Like most glycolic chemical peels, this treatment can help reduce the effects of aging and sun damage. Unlike other glycolic peels, the Refinity Glycolic Peel requires almost no recovery time. Those with sensitive skin may prefer this peel over others.

For information on the glycolic chemical peel and numerous other skin treatments, come to the office of Dr. Yoash Enzer, a board-certified surgeon and Rhode Island’s top cosmetic and laser specialist. Arrange a skin evaluation with Melissa – contact us for an appointment.