Deep scars that remain on our skin long after acne has faded compromise the complexion and texture of our skin. These scars may also make us look older than we actually are. Frustratingly, skincare products claim they can perfectly remove such ugly imperfections but actually never help us get rid of them.

However, with the advent of highly advanced technologies in the cosmetic treatment industry, there is now an effective solution. Dr. Enzer has developed a combination of procedures known as FaSuLa scar surgery that can permanently remove the acne scars.

FaSuLa scar surgery consists of fat injection, subcision, dermal grafting, and laser resurfacing treatments.

Fat Injection

The fat injection procedure, also called autologous fat transplantation or microlipoinjection, is a process through which Dr. Enzer is able to effectively begin the process of treating stubborn scars left by acne.

As the name suggests, the procedure involves extraction of fat cells from the donor area via liposuction, which makes use of a blunt tube and syringe for suction. More often than not, the donor area is selected from those parts of the body that have excess reserves of fat, such as the abdomen and thighs.

The fat cells are then purified and processed before injecting them into the scar depression with the help of a syringe and a small cannula. These cells fill in the skin indentations at its deepest subcutaneous layer.


Next, a minor surgical procedure called subcision is used on the acne scar to treat tissues that are shallower than those treated with fat injection. Subcision, also known as subcutaneous incisional surgery, involves the use of hypodermic needles to disrupt fibrous tissue.

After the needle is inserted within the skin’s surface, it is used to carefully detach the fibrotic strands that keep the external scar connected to the underlying tissue. The breakage of fibrotic strands kickstarts the body’s natural healing process, which results in enhanced collagen production that considerably improves the appearance of the scar.

Dermal Grafting

Another procedure used to treat tissues shallower than those addressed by fat injection is dermal grafting. This treatment has been prevalent as a safe and effective procedure for treating atrophic scars for decades. With new technological innovations, this procedure has gained a more refined approach that has led to an increase in its popularity.

The dermal grafting process involves harvesting a small area of skin. The epidermis is then separated from the underlying dermis. Tiny fragments of the dermis that contain collagen are then harvested and processed separately.

Alternatively, the dermis can be purchased as a skin substitute. The donor skin is made safe with radiation and a strict antibiotic protocol. The dermis, whether your own or the donor skin, is then able to be placed in “pockets” under each scar that Dr. Enzer creates with his subcision procedure. As a result of this, each depressed scar gets filled in, almost like spackling, and becomes less noticeable.

Laser Resurfacing

Finally, laser resurfacing is used to smooth out the top layer of the skin. This procedure is currently the most popular method for removal of acne scars but only works on the most superficial scars. Dr. Enzer recommends this as the last, not the first, procedure.

In this procedure, a CO2 laser is used to break the molecular bonds between the cells of the damaged skin tissue, which results in layer-by-layer removal of dermal cells. The tissue damage ultimately leads to the formation of firmer and smoother new skin over the scar depression. The procedure is also referred to as a laser peel or laser skin rejuvenation.

Although all the aforementioned procedures of acne scar removal are helpful to some degree on their own, it is only when combined that they are the most effective. FaSuLa scar surgery may be right for you!

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