Dark circles under a person’s eyes make them look older and worn out. These dark regions often appear as a result of many factors, including bulging eyelid fat with hollowness beneath the eyes. In other patients, the skin may be overly dark.

When dark circles are caused by irregular contours, we suggest a combination of lower blepharoplasty and cheek lift surgery. This procedure lifts the cheek fat pads and reduces eyelid puffiness, eliminating the darkened appearance of the undereye region.

We also offer a less invasive approach: using a variety of dermal fillers to remove dark circles under the eyes, including Restylane and Juvederm. These are used to fill the hollow undereye regions, creating a smooth transition of the lower eyelid into the cheek.

Dr. Yoash Enzer is a board-certified surgeon and Rhode Island’s top laser and cosmetic specialist. During a consultation, Dr. Enzer can determine the cause of your dark circles and recommend a solution. To schedule a consultation, contact us today.