Forehead Wrinkles

Do you have deep forehead wrinkles? These lines can give the impression of being constantly exhausted and frustrated. Getting convenient, non-invasive Botox injections is a popular way to solve this issue. After just one treatment, your muscles will begin to relax, and others will start to see the real you.

Using Botox to correct forehead wrinkles can also ease headaches. If you get frequent headaches, this treatment will take away that consistent pain, making daily life less stressful. You can also ask to have your eyebrows raised in an attractive arch, something which is very appealing for patients with flat eyebrows.

Since too much Botox can lead to an unnatural look, it’s best to make sure you’re receiving injections from a qualified physician. Dr. Yoash Enzer is a board-certified oculofacial plastic surgeon with years of Botox experience you can trust. Contact our office today for a consultation.