Earlobe Repair: Before & After Photos

Surgeries performed by Dr. Yoash Enzer in Providence, RI.
Earlobe Repair Earlobe Repair



Earlobe Repair Earlobe Repair
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Before: This patient has an elongated piercing hole. Sometimes this happens after trauma, such as a young child yanking an earring. But in other people the reasons why this happens are poorly understood. However, the bottom line is that earrings will either fall out, or not orient properly.

After: Three months after earlobe repair. The procedure took place in our office minor surgery suite and was comfortably completed in less than one hour using a small dose of numbing medication. There is usually minimal to no pain afterwards and the earlobe is now ready to be pierced again. Using a special technique developed by Dr. Enzer the chance of the piercing hole elongating again is very small.

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