Thyroid Eye Disease

Before & After Gallery ButtonThe eye area is susceptible to very disfiguring changes from Graves’ and other thyroid disorders. Although most commonly associated with an overactive thyroid gland, thyroid eye disease may be extremely complex in its presentation, timing and symptoms. If left untreated or poorly managed, thyroid eye disease may result in permanent loss of vision. Only a few well-trained specialists are able to manage the complexities of this condition.

A variety of treatment options are available for this disease, including topical medications (eye drops), anti-inflammatory medications, radiation, or surgery. Patients need close observation, especially during the active phase of their disease process. The question of when and how to intervene with treatment depends upon the stage and/or progression of the disease. Dr. Enzer has treated hundreds of patients with thyroid eye disease since 1991, and is a recognized expert for this condition.