Chemical Peels

Before & After Gallery ButtonChemical peels are a form of skin resurfacing, and are used for anti-aging and hyperpigmentation concerns. Peels help to improve our skin tone and quality by promoting more rapid skin cell turnover (chemical exfoliation). Chemical peels provide gradual improvement in skin tone and quality, and are a patient favorite due to their affordability and little downtime. In between peel sessions, a skin maintenance program is recommended for maximum treatment benefit. All peels are performed here in our office by a licensed esthetician or registered nurse.

We currently offer the Refinity® Glycolic Peel, which offers the advantages of the strong 70% glycolic coupled with excellent comfort during the treatment and minimal to no downtime. The Refinity® peel can be applied to the face, neck, hands, and chest, and is perfect for those who have sensitive skin or would like the benefits of higher strength products without the irritation. The treatment takes less than 20 minutes, and many patients can go right back to their busy schedules immediately afterwards. Patients with hyperpigmentation often benefit from the use of a bleaching cream in conjunction with a series of six Refinity® peels spaced out every two weeks.

For a deeper and stronger effect, Dr. Enzer recommends fractionated laser skin resurfacing. Read more about this here.